Welcome to Teacher Spectacular!

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Hi, Everyone!

Welcome to my blog site! It’s finally happening. This site you’ve found is literally an answer to dreams, hopes, prayers, and a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. No kidding: this has been a dream of mine for at least seven years.
For 17 years, I’ve traveled across the United States presenting writing workshops for teachers at schools, district meetings, national conventions, conferences, seminars, panels, and universities. Everywhere I go, I’ve fallen in love with the caring, dedicated teachers who teach our kids. I’ve wanted to be with you every day, to give you updates, new ideas, and innovative strategies—and to hear your great ideas—and now, it’s possible through this blog site.
So often when something is done for teachers, it’s never the same excellent quality you would see in corporate America. In designing this blog site, our entire team knows that whatever we offer will be THE VERY BEST we can possibly imagine and produce. We’ve made the site free for everyone—there is no subscription needed to come here as often as you like to get new ideas, enjoy a good laugh, pick up best practices, try new recipes, learn how to make creative teaching manipulatives, laugh at my expense, and generally have a rollicking good time. We will be adding new updates daily. There will be giveaways! (Woohoo!) There will be a place to showcase your own successes, both in the classroom and in your lives. There will be guest bloggers, contests, cutting-edge information, photos, videos, templates, and patterns. I’ve been to two goat ropin’s and a county fair, and I’ve never seen as much good stuff as you’ll be able to find here.
So, let your hair down, pull up a chair, grab a glass of lemonade, and be my guests. Anyone and everyone is welcome. Share your opinions. Send in your ideas. Sound the gong. Strike up the band, and play the fiddle on the roof. Today you are witnessing a new baby’s birth: Teacher Spectacular. 
Dr. Melissa Forney
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