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Teacher Workshops

  • NEW! Dazzle Them With Digital
  • NEW! Melissa Forney's Reading Extravaganza
  • Razzle Dazzle Writing Workshop
  • Primary Pizzazz Workshop
  • Oh, the Words They'll Use! K-5
  • How to Score More Than Ever Before Without Calling 911 3-5
  • Abracadabra: Classroom Magic That Will Transform Reluctant, Struggling, or At-Risk Writers into Writing Superstars 2-5

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Student Workshops

  • Writing Roller Coaster 2-5
  • Young Authors Conference 2-5
  • Poetry Extravaganza 2-5

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Parent Workshops

  • Success for Your Child
  • Pieces of the Quilt
  • Reading Roller Coaster

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  • You Can Become a Children's Book Author!
  • Writing Roundup training to prepare for FCAT Writing and more!

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Keynote Speeches

  • To Shape a Life
  • Who Will Open the Door?
  • For This, I Read
  • Because of Miss Melman
  • Literacy Strategies for the New Millennium

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What's New?


The student paperback edition of The Astonishing Journey of Teddy Bodain is now available in our web bookstore. Follow Teddy on her adventures as she travels into Florida on a covered wagon in 1892.  New friends, new sights, new animals, new family...these are all part of her astonishing journey. Come be a part of this award winning story.

New Material!

Melissa is now offering educational materials on at her new store, Melissa Forney's Teacher Spectacular.

Materials include stimulus texts with writing examples, reader's theaters, reading texts, Paraphrase Pickles, Convention Carrots, Citing Celeries, Powerpoint Presentations, manipulatives, foldables, and FREE materials as well.





Dr. Melissa Forney is a nationally known educational and motivational speaker for teachers, administrators, and students. Her seminars, characterized by cutting-edge information and humorous stories, consistently receive the highest evaluations.

Now Available

Listen to "The 12 Steps Cowboy Style" song from her 2011 Summer Conference Series!

New Workshops Available!

Melissa has two new workshops -- find out more!