The Astonishing Journey of Teddy Bodain TEACHER EDITION: E-Book

The Astonishing Journey of Teddy Bodain

THIS IS A DOWNLOADABLE PRODUCT. It can be saved to your computer or tablet as a PDF file or printed for single classroom use only. IT IS NOT SUITABLE FOR KINDLE OR SIMILAR DEVICES!

The Astonishing Journey of Teddy Bodain Teacher Edition has been awarded: Learning Magazine 2010 Teachers’ Choice Award for the Family!

130 days of complete lesson plans for reading and writing. The lessons cover the following topics: reading and vocabulary, writing skill questions, narrative writing, expository writing, persuasive writing, reading short response, reading extended response, and grammar. This curriculum is a high-energy novel, told from 10 year old Teddy's point of view through daily letters to her best friend, Martha. Designed to be read every day for 130 days, each letter has its own application lesson.

Grade Level: 3-5

Price: $34.95