Student Endorsements

Melissa Forney’s new book has everything a kid would ever need for Florida Writes.

- Jessie Draper, 5th grade, Port Malabar Elementary


This book has tons of great ways to improve writing.

- Alex Forehand, 4th grade, Lake Mary Elementary


This book helped me become a better writer! For example, when I got stuck with my writing, I would think about vivid words, transitions, and those awesome color words. I always try to stay away from tacky that I know what they are.

- Francisco Magro, 4th grade, Alexander Elementary


At the beginning of my 4th grade year, I was writing 2’s, but because of Writing Superstars, I have pushed up to 4.5’s and 5.0’s. Since I am the “creativity skills queen” of my classroom, I know I can score a 6.0 on Florida Writes. Roll out the red I come!

- Aleyna Villanueva, 4th grade, Grove Park Elementary


I don’t know how I would have accomplished all of the tips if my teacher hadn’t shared the books with the class. It has helped me grow from third grade to fourth grade! It’s truly superior.

- Kendall Jordan, 4th grade, S.S. Dixon Intermediate


Writing Superstars is an awesome way to learn very useful writing skills. I definitely think that Writing Superstars is a fantastic book that makes learning much more fun.

- Eliza Holtom, 4th grade, Canopy Oaks Elementary


I enjoyed using the Writing Superstars book because the Easy Way to Score helped me get my brain focused on the main idea of what I was writing about. It is one of the most fabulous books ever.

- Shereen Rad, 4th grade, Lake Mary Elementary


Writing Superstars has helped me become the 6.0 supersonic writer I am today. The remarkable puzzles, scintillating games, and exquisite samples are quintessential!

- Ryan Thomas, 4th grade, Dodgertown Elementary


Your Writing Superstars book saved my life. Before our class started reading Writing Superstars, I hated to write. After reading your book, my writing grades went from 2’s and 3’s to 4’s and 5’s!

- Ryan Bell, 4th grade, Sigsbee Elementary


This quintessential book has model examples of divine million dollar words, supreme examples of scored papers, and fantastic plays! This book has helped me improve my writing skills!

- Jillian McCoy, 4th grade, S.S. Dixon Intermediate


This book helped me so much. Now my dream is writing kids’ books! It’s all because of Writing Superstars!

- Sarah Gust, 4th grade, Sigsbee Elementary

What's New?


The student paperback edition of The Astonishing Journey of Teddy Bodain is now available in our web bookstore. Follow Teddy on her adventures as she travels into Florida on a covered wagon in 1892.  New friends, new sights, new animals, new family...these are all part of her astonishing journey. Come be a part of this award winning story.

New Material!

Melissa is now offering educational materials on at her new store, Melissa Forney's Teacher Spectacular.

Materials include stimulus texts with writing examples, reader's theaters, reading texts, Paraphrase Pickles, Convention Carrots, Citing Celeries, Powerpoint Presentations, manipulatives, foldables, and FREE materials as well.





Dr. Melissa Forney is a nationally known educational and motivational speaker for teachers, administrators, and students. Her seminars, characterized by cutting-edge information and humorous stories, consistently receive the highest evaluations.

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Listen to "The 12 Steps Cowboy Style" song from her 2011 Summer Conference Series!

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